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Retail apps need to step up their game

For UK consumers, current retail apps aren’t delivering the experience they want, according to a new report by mobile app developer Apadmi.

The company says people downloaded more apps this year than they have the year before, but just 40 per cent were actually satisfied with what they have been offered. 

The biggest desire of UK consumers was more innovation. Almost a third (30 per cent) would love to see more features, not just browsing and buying things. More than a fifth would love it if the app could help them make purchasing decisions, or recommend products based on their browsing history. 

More than half would download an app if there was a reward for it.

More than a quarter of polled consumers said their opinion on the retailer would degrade if it had an app, but failed to do regular updates. A third of users said they had noticed some improvement in the shopping tools they previously downloaded. 

Commenting on the findings Nick Black, CEO of Apadmi, said: “These results sound a clear warning message to retailers that, while retail apps are becoming more popular with consumers, many are failing to meet expectations and deliver the kind of service customers clearly expect.

“New technology is making it possible to offer a genuinely personalised mobile retail experience, helping consumers make purchasing decisions and even recommend new products, and apps are an ideal platform to deliver this service.

“Retailers should use these findings as a kick-start to improve their apps before consumers start to turn away.”

Image source: Shutterstock/Pretty Vectors