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Risk of network-based attacks continues to grow

(Image credit: Image Credit: Ra2Studio / Shutterstock)

Network-based attacks are rising in popularity, a new report says, claiming that botnets, DNS as DDoS are key attack vectors. 

CenturyLink’s new whitepaper argues that organisations struggle to identify, block and mitigate threats on time, and even though visibility and monitoring is important – acting is paramount.

Necurs, Emotet and TheMoon are considered the biggest, and most dangerous botnets. Their strength lies in the fact that they’re easy to use, can be accessed remotely and anonymously.

Domain Name Server (DNS) is often overlooked as a potential attack vector, CenturyLink claims, adding that DNS tunnelling, as an attack type, is on the rise. When it comes to DDoS attacks, the company has spotted an increase in burst attacks which less up to a minute.

“As companies focus on digital innovation, they are entering a world of unprecedented threat and risk,” said Mike Benjamin, head of CenturyLink’s threat research and operations division, Black Lotus Labs.

“Threats continue to evolve, as do bad actors. Well-financed nation-states and focused criminal groups have replaced the lone-wolf troublemaker and less sophisticated attackers motivated by chatroom fame. Thankfully, through our actionable insights, we can defend our network and those of our customers against these evolving threats.”

Companies in the United States, China, India, Russia and Vietnam were most frequently under attack in the first half of the year.