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Russian hackers target Ukranian firm connected with Trump impeachment

(Image credit: Image Credit: Flickr / Matt Johnson)

Russian “military hackers” have targeted a Ukrainian gas company looking for valuable intelligence that could affect the impeachment trial of US President Donald Trump.

The news, reported by the New York Times, wouldn’t be that interesting for the West, if the company in question wasn’t Burisma – a gas company where Hunter Biden, the son of former VP of the United States, Joe Biden, sits on the board.

Nobody knows to what extent were the attacks successful, and if the hackers managed to find anything, but the media are linking the attempt with the impeachment process currently going on in the States.

According to the report, the tactics used this time around are “strikingly similar” to the tactics used when Hillary Clinton’s emails were hacked and shared with the public.

The news was unveiled by security researchers from Area 1, who reported that Russian hackers from a military intelligence unit, together with the Fancy Bear group, phished out a username and a password and used it to get into company servers.

“The attacks were successful,” said Oren Falkowitz, a co-founder of Area 1. “The timing of the Russian campaign mirrors the G.R.U. hacks we saw in 2016 against the D.N.C. and John Podesta. Once again, they are stealing email credentials, in what we can only assume is a repeat of Russian interference in the last election.”