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Salesforce and Alibaba team up in major China push

(Image credit: Image Credit: Salesforce)

Salesforce is expanding its business into mainland China and neighbouring regions, and it’s partnering up with Alibaba to do so. 

In a recent blog post announcing the partnership, Salesforce said it Alibaba is to be the exclusive provider of Salesforce to customers in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Customers in the region will thus get access to Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Platform.

In return, Salesforce will become the exclusive enterprise CRM product suite sold by Alibaba.

“At Salesforce, customer success is at the centre of everything we do,” the company wrote in the blog post.

“And, more and more of our multinational customers are asking us to support them wherever they do business around the world. We look forward to developing this partnership with Alibaba as we continue to drive success for companies around the world.”

Reporting on the news, TechCrunch says that 10 per cent of Salesforce revenues in the first three months of the year came from Asia. Another 20 per cent comes from Europe, and the remaining 70 per cent are generated in the Americas.

“The partnership ensures that customers of Salesforce that have operations in the Greater China area will have exclusive access to a locally-hosted version of Salesforce from Alibaba Cloud, who understands local business, culture and regulations,” an Alibaba spokesperson told TechCrunch.