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Salesforce buys Krux, steps up its advertising game

Salesforce has just announced it is buying marketing data company Krux, for "approximately $700 million’ (£550m). There are multiple, differing reports on the actual price tag. In a statement to the SEC, Salesforce said it will be paying $340 in cash, plus stock. 

AdExchanger says the price is anywhere between $650m an $750m. “Krux is a leading data management platform that unifies, segments and activates audiences to increase engagement with users, prospects and customers. Following the acquisition, Krux will be a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company,” Salesforce said in its statement. Krux is a company that tracks data traffic on different platforms, and different channels. Those include platforms like desktop, mobile and tablets, and channels such as display, video, social or search. 

Tech Crunch says Krux and Salesforce were already close partners. 

“As a part of the Salesforce ecosystem, we’ve had the opportunity to work closely with the Salesforce team to create integrations that make our customers even more successful,” writes Krux co-founder Tom Chavez in an announcement

 “Beyond the strategic and technology fit, we believe our companies’ core values, which include innovation, trust, transparency, and most importantly customer success, are in perfect alignment and offer an exciting foundation upon which we can continue building the industry’s smartest Marketing Cloud.”  

What everyone seems to be thinking is that this way Salesforce is looking to boost its big data efforts surrounding marketing and advertising. The acquisition should be completed during the company’s fourth quarter, meaning before January 31 next year. In total, Salesforce has spent almost $5 billion on acquisitions last year.  

Image Credit: Ken Wolter / Shutterstock