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Salesforce ecosystem to create almost two million new jobs by 2020

Salesforce says its ecosystem of partners and customers will create almost two million new jobs and more than £293 million in new GDP impact worldwide, by 2020. Bold statement. It bases these statements on new research, which suggests that there is 'strong momentum' among Salesforce customers, partners and developers.  

As of this week, there have been more than four million app installs from Salesforce AppExchange. At the same time, administrators, developers, users and partners earned one million badges on Salesforce’s learning environment, Trailhead. 

Here are a few other takeaways from the report it created together with IDC: 

· By 2020, every dollar the company makes, will mean $4.14 for the ecosystem
· Cloud’s biggest advantage is in the lack of maintenance of traditional and legacy IT systems
· On average, Salesforce customers have had their technology investments paid back in 13 months or less.  

“The cloud represents an enormous opportunity for customers and partners to transform every industry, create jobs and accelerate economies around the world,” said Tyler Prince, EVP Alliances and Go-to-Market Innovation, Salesforce. 

“Our continued focus is empowering our partners with the right resources to thrive in the ‘Salesforce economy’ and help our customers grow and succeed.” 

“We're helping trailblazers reinvent their resumes for the digital economy,” said Sarah Franklin, SVP Developer Relations and GM Trailhead, Salesforce. 

“There’s clearly high demand for Salesforce-skilled employees in the marketplace, and we’re proud to say Trailhead is empowering anyone, anywhere, at anytime to learn the technologies necessary to land their dream jobs.” 

The full report, entitled ‘Salesforce Economy”, can be found on this link.