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Salesforce World Tour 2017: Keynote live blog

11:32 - And that's a wrap! ITProPortal will be speaking to Salesforce in depth later today, so stay tuned for even more soon.

11:22 - From the B2B side, Amazon Web Services have been passionate Salesforce customers since its inception.

Fiona Williams, senior director of marketing at Salesforce, demos how a sign-up page for an AWS webinar can be used to harness potential leads and their web activity, creating a more complete picture of a customer.

With over a million customers in over 190 countries, AWS can use the new 'Einstein score', which Salesforce creates based on a huge amount of data and help sales and marketing teams focus on their best possibilities.

"This isn't magic - it's science," says Williams.

11:12 - Hive MD Nina Bathia is here too, joining Simon on a comfy-looking sofa to talk more about its work with Salesforce.

"It's not really about the tech, it's about the outcome," she notes.

"We don't know how the IoT era is going to work out...we have to plan for uncertainty."

10:58 - Salesforce is keen to show off not just its B2B capabilities, but also the possibilities offered to B2C partners, with smart home firm Hive taking to the stage to extol the virtues of the company's platform.

Paul Smith, Salesforce Cloud senior vice president, steps up to show how Hive uses the company's services to track new customers, and offer them useful upgrades and recommendations.

This includes using Einstein Vision to analyse photos of a customer's older thermostat to make sure they are eligible for an upgrade to Hive, to cut down on any potential future headaches.

10:48 - There's another couple of major trends that Salesforce would like to discuss today though...

Speed is first, with Salesforce's Lightning program allows you to build apps quickly, and get them rolled out in super-fast time. 

Productivity is another important consideration, with the company's Quip platform allowing workers to stay in touch and keep working on mobile and PC devices.

Mobility worries can be handled with the company's Salesforce1 app, which gives full access to its platform straight from your smartphone.

Lastly, the Thunder IoT Cloud allows your business to manage and monitor all your smart connected device, without being swamped by data.

All of this comes together in what the company calls its 'intelligent customer success platform'.

10:44 - Salesforce and IBM joined together earlier this month, combining two of the world's biggest IT companies into one powerful giant.

Together, the two companies think they can transform your customer transactions, no matter what industry you work in.

This morning, we're getting a live demo of how Watson components can be used in collaboration with Salesforce Einstein - using data about local weather to help retailers predict footfall, and tell insurance companies if their policy holders may be about to be impacted. 

Einstein can analyse previous customer engagements to work out and prioritise which communications are the most effective, taking out much of the heavy lifting for your workers.

10:40 - It's hard to believe that Salesforce was only founded in 1999 - but the company has been part of many of the big steps forward in business IT.

Now for the age of A.I., the company has more to offer.

"The world will never be the same again...and it's going to happen very quickly," Mulcahy states.

"The walls between every industry are going to come crashing down...this is a real revolution."

Salesforce is taking A.I. very quickly, with its Einstein platform looking to act as your entry point into CRM - combining your data with AI and the Salesforce platform.

10:33 - Recent IDC estimates predict that there will be $389 billion in GDP impact by 2020, including $35 billion in the UK - that means 1.9 million jobs will be created for the Salesforce economy in the next few years.

10:29 - Also of interest for Salesforce is what the World Economic Forum calls, 'the Fourth Industrial Revolution'.

"This is a smarter world than ever before," Mulchay says, "we're almost entirely in the cloud now."

With millions of devices around the world now connected together, customer experiences are benefiting hugely from the power of artificial intelligence and other new technologies.

"Your competition is no longer the people in your industry, it's anyone who is speaking to your customers and giving them a fantastic experience".

The customer now needs to be at the heart of everything you do, in order to benefit from the new "Age of the Consumer".

The likes of Adidas, Ocado and Vax are all using Salesforce to maximise their engagement in this new age. 

10:24 - Olivier Lee OBE, CEO of The Challenge, takes to the stage to talk about its work with Salesforce.

The charity, which is behind the Royal-backed Head Start program, uses Salesforce to reach its 50,000 users thanks to the company's ability to provide customisable platforms

It also works as part of the National Citizen Challenge, and the Step Forward program, all of which look to offer you new and exciting challenges that will help young people get a better start in life.

10:22 - "We're in the age of equality," Mulcahy says, noting that the company is investing into shrinking the UK digital skills gap.

The company is also heavily invested in equal rights, including LGBTQ rights and equal pay.

Salesforce also runs on the carbon-neutral cloud, with the company seeing net-zero emissions.

10:20 - Salesforce is now one of the top 5 fastest growing enterprise software companies in the world.

The company hit $8.4 billion in revenues last year, and was named by Forbes as 'innovator of the decade' - some seriously impressive results.

10:14 - Salesforce CMO Simon Mulcahy takes to the stage - promising a fun-filled day for all.

"It's about blazing trails," he says, "being a pioneer, an adventurer, an explorer - anyone who using Salesforce to transform their company, or their career."

10:01 - It's keynote time - with Salesforce UK head Gavin Mee taking to the stage to introduce singing sensation Becky Hill to get the crowd going.

09:55 - First up is a few pre-show insights from a couple of Salesforce's biggest customers - with Sky, Accenture and Royal Dutch Shell all giving us a quick look into how they work with the company.

 09:45 - Salesforce World Tour hits London today, and ITProPortal is here at the ExCel centre to hear all the latest news, updates and customer stories. 

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