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Samsung admits user data breach following strange notifications

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/Ai825)

Samsung has been breached, and a “small number” of users were able to access other people’s personal data.

The South Korean tech giant confirmed the breach, following user reports of unexplained Find My Mobile notifications.

Find My Mobile is a Samsung app that comes pre-loaded with its Android devices and can only be disabled, not uninstalled. The only way to uninstall Samsung apps is to wipe the operating system completely and install a different ROM.

Last week, Samsung users reported receiving a strange push notification, through which they were able to access strangers’ personal data. To makes matters worse, some users received the notification despite having disabled the app beforehand.

According to The Register, a total of 150 people were affected and Samsung is in the process of contacting them individually.

"A technical error resulted in a small number of users being able to access the details of another user. As soon as we became of aware of the incident, we removed the ability to log in to the store on our website until the issue was fixed,” said a Samsung spokesperson.

Samsung users are advised to change their passwords immediately.