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Samsung Cloud calls it quits on drive storage and gallery sync

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New users won’t be able to register for certain Samsung Cloud functions as early as next month. (Image credit: Samsung)

It’s been obvious for a while that the days of Samsung’s cloud storage service, Samsung Cloud, are numbered. Now things are now looking bleaker than ever for the platform. Samsung has just announced that Samsung Cloud will soon no longer support Gallery Sync or Drive storage for My Files users.

Active users of the service will want to make sure that June 31 is highlighted in their diaries for next year. That’s the day on which support for the affected features will officially end and Samsung will delete any Gallery Sync or Drive storage data left on Samsung Cloud accounts. 

Fortunately, Samsung isn’t abandoning its customers without a capable cloud storage alternative. In its Termination Notice (opens in new tab), Samsung is keen to reassure users that the Gallery Sync and Drive storage will still be supported by Samsung’s partner, Microsoft OneDrive. That’s not exactly a surprise move, given that Samsung began efforts to integrate Gallery with OneDrive almost a year ago. 

The shutdown will be staggered in different regions

Samsung has decided to split its termination of Gallery Sync and Drive storage into three distinct phases. First off, new users will be stopped from registering for the services and a migration tool for OneDrive will become available. Next, migration support will end, and remaining premium storage subscriptions will be automatically refunded. Then, finally, Samsung will pull the plug and wipe remnant data.

If you are located in Europe, the USA, or an Asia-Pacific nation, that process ought to last from October 5 this year to June 31, 2021. However, if you’re using a Samsung device elsewhere in the world, you’ll likely be on the delayed timeline. You can double-check which applies to you by viewing the full list of Group 1 and Group 2 countries released by Samsung (opens in new tab).

Once the migration tool is made available at the start of the termination procedure, Samsung Cloud users will be able to transfer all Gallery Sync and Drive files to OneDrive accounts automatically. They will also be able to download their data and store it locally. The company does warn that as soon as data is downloaded or migrated, it could be automatically removed from Samsung Cloud.