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Samsung invests in major new AI research centre

(Image credit: Image Credit: Sergey Nivens / Shutterstock)

Samsung has announced the creation of a new research centre focused on artificial intelligence (AI). Reuters reports that the company will also ‘strengthen an executive role to look for new business areas for all its three major business groups’.

These ‘minor changes’ to Samsung’s business structure were created to ‘quickly respond to market changes’, Samsung Electronics confirmed via a statement.

Reuters reminds that this move came shortly after a new generation of top managers was appointed. Fresh blood ‘dispelled lingering worries’ about the leadership vacuum that appeared after vice chairman Jay Y. Lee was detained.

The AI research centre will be part of a joint research centre focusing on mobile and consumer electronics, which is among the company’s main businesses. No word on where the AI research centre will be located.

Reuters also said Samsung Electronics ‘strengthened the “business development’ role” of CSO Young Sohn. He is now allowed to explore new business opportunities not just in components but in mobile and consumer electronics, too.

Sohn was in charge of Samsung’s Harman International takeover, worth $8 billion, which happened in November 2016. He is also in charge of the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center (SSIC), with offices in San Jose and San Francisco.

Image Credit: Sergey Nivens / Shutterstock