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SanDisk launches first ever 1TB microSD

As smartphone manufacturers improve the quality of the cameras on offer, and as they keep throwing around an ever-increasing number of megapixels, storage becomes a serious challenge, especially for people who love recording 4k video at 60fps.

SanDisk is looking to be one step ahead, as it has just announced a new microSD card with the capacity of a mouth-watering 1TB.

Called the Extreme card, it is now available through SanDisk’s store and through Amazon.

The card is also rated U3, which means it should be fairly speedy with both reading and writing data.

While the storage is mouth-watering, the price, on the other hand, is eye-watering. The card will cost you $450. Engadget (opens in new tab) noticed that this is more than double of what you’d usually pay for a 512GB card.

“That's a lot to pay for a card you could easily lose in the wash, and economies of scale are almost certainly going to drive the price down if you wait a while,” it says.

DIY photography claims (opens in new tab) this card was designed ‘primarily for smartphones and other devices that require many read and write cycles per second,” mentioning Raspberry Pi or the ASUS Tinker Board. The card can handle up to 4,000 read and 2,000 write operations per second, as well as a 160MB/sec read, or 90MB/sec write speeds.

That is, DIY photography concludes, “more than plenty for smartphone photographers and filmmakers looking at the incoming generation of devices shooting 48-megapixel and larger images and 4K video.”

 Image Credit: Sandisk

Sead Fadilpašić
Sead Fadilpašić

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