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SAP invests £1.72bn to help everyone tie Big Data and IoT better

SAP SE will be investing €2 billion (£1.72bn) in the next five years, to help both businesses and the public sector take full advantage of Industry 4.0 – IoT (internet of things) and Big Data. According to SAP’s press release, it will ‘accelerate innovation in its IoT solution portfolio’, boost sales, marketing, scale services, support and co-innovate, and grow its ecosystem of partners and startups in the IoT market.  

SAP says businesses are having difficulty tying together Big Data and IoT across operating locations, business units and functional teams, a struggle it aims to fix.  It will have three different packages on offer – two of which are available now. The first, available now, is called the jump-start package and is created to ‘initiate operational and business system connectivity as a foundation to monitor equipment effectiveness and provide insight into shop floor operations’. 

The second one, called accelerator package, builds on the former, adding ‘automated, paperless, manufacturing execution and control environment by supporting manufacturing planning and execution, performance analytics and advanced plant maintenance’. The third package, to be available on a later date, will also add ‘advanced manufacturing insight and controls, machine learning functionality and predictive analysis for quality and maintenance operations’. 

“With billions of connected devices, we now have the potential to reshape society, the economy and the environment,” said Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP. 

"SAP HANA is the data platform we knew would unlock the Internet of Things. Today SAP is making another bold investment to help our customers seize the benefits of live business. Only SAP empowers businesses to innovate from the core to the edges to the networks.”      

Image source: Shutterstock/a-image