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SAP S/4HANA gets major upgrade and new features

(Image credit: Image Credit: 360b / Shutterstock)

SAP has unveiled a major new update to its S/4HANA Cloud service that should boost the platform's intelligence substantially.

The company says that the update brings “more intelligent functionality in machine learning, in-memory analytics, in-context collaboration”, among other things.

SAP believes these changes will impact the entire enterprise, as the update brings new abilities for Finance, Procurement, Sales, Manufacturing and Professional Services.

First, there’s the improvement requests submission form which can be used on the Customer Influence site. That way, SAP can make changes based on what the community wants and needs. For finance, there’s the new Automated Payment Advice Processing, powered by machine learning and SAP Leonardo. This will help users turn documents into structured data with automated extraction of payment information from PDF files.

For sales, managers can use machine learning to understand probable orders and predicted Sales Volumes, allowing for a more accurate forecasting with the Predictive Quotation Conversion Rates calculator. There are also new features for organisations with sales subsidiaries – Advanced Shipment Notifications, and Two-Tier ERP Purchasing.

Professional service firms can now have a transparent view of non-billable services in the Release Billing Proposal application.

SAP also said it is expanding its geography, adding five new localisations and data centres – Austria, India, Mexico, Norway and South Korea.

Image Credit: 360b / Shutterstock