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Security concerns stopping consumers from using more apps

The fact that people are afraid to use more apps because of security reasons is costing the UK economy billions. To be more precise - £2.5 billion this year, £3.2 billion the next. This is according to a new report by Rackspace, which says that 36 per cent of consumers are reluctant to use more apps for security reasons. Privacy is also a huge issue for 33 per cent of consumers in general – rising up to 37 per cent among the older population. More than a quarter (26 per cent) said a failure in an app prevented them from doing something important. 

“Our research shows that security and reliability are the biggest concerns for consumers when using online services,” says Darren Norfolk, UK Managing Director of Rackspace.  

“Both these issues often boil down to having a robust and scalable infrastructure in place. Having access to expertise on how to run the infrastructure and plan for traffic peaks is something that can sometimes be forgotten, look at Pokemon Go which went down shortly after the app was launched. The technology itself wasn’t the problem, it was the fact that the IT team planned for fifty times less traffic than what they eventually received.”

But Rackspace’s report is not all about the negatives – there are also positives. For example, the UK population is saving 2.2 hours every month, by using various apps and online services. For 51 per cent it’s more convenient, and for 45 per cent it’s time-saving. Spending less money (25 per cent) is not that big of a priority for UK consumers. 

Image Credit: Pixel Fantasy / Flickr