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Security failing putting many DevOps projects at risk

(Image credit: Image Credit: Profit_Image / Shutterstock)

Organisational silos present an unnecessary security risk for businesses all over the world. This is according to a new report by Trend Micro, which says that the lack of security involvement in DevOps projects was creating risks for almost three quarters (74 per cent) of IT leaders.

Polling 1,310 IT decision makers in SMBs and enterprises for the report, Trend Micro uncovered that DevOps is a bigger priority today than a year ago for 70 per cent of companies in Europe.

However, four in ten said that businesses often don’t consult security teams when making project plans. For a third of the respondents, security teams weren’t even aware of DevOps projects taking place. It doesn’t get any better when it comes to buying cloud-native application security products for DevOps projects. Just a fifth of those purchases were made by IT security teams.

On the bright side – the will to make things better is definitely there. Seven in ten IT security leaders would love to be more involved in planning DevOps initiatives, but they’re lacking both the tools and the team to do so.

“It’s no secret that developers and security teams have a history of butting heads,” Steve Quane, executive vice president of network defence and hybrid cloud security for Trend Micro.

“We have to understand how the DevOps community and IT security teams collaborate. Understanding their goals will help us continue to provide solutions that help them do their jobs, and help the end results be secure.”