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Sellers are distracted by too many tools

Social media and viral cat videos are not the only productivity killers to arise from modern technology. There are other things that produce the same effect, even though their primary idea was exactly the opposite. New research from Accenture and CSO Insights claims businesses have invested billions in sales productivity tools which, instead of boosting productivity, are hindering it.  

More than half (59 per cent) of global sales executives claim they have too many tools, and are flooded with disaggregated customer data, making them inefficient.  On another note, 55 per cent said the tools are an 'obstacle to selling', and are resulting in the miss of annual sales forecasts in 56 per cent of cases.  

“Current productivity investment strategies are overwhelming sales executives with too many sales tools, too much customer data and siloed insights, which have become a distraction. Many are inundated with more information than they can effectively use or absorb, and are tied up with unproductive administration,” said Jason Angelos, Managing Director, Advanced Customer Strategy, Accenture Strategy.  

“Pivoting from productivity to ‘outcome selling’ – which helps sellers to hone in on the insights and actions that matter most – can help them regain focus and deliver the tailored solutions and experiences customers expect.” 

The Accenture Strategy report, ‘Selling in the Age of Distraction', says 'outcome selling' is the way to success. Moving to this approach requires connecting customer insights, using predictive insights and top performer seller insights.  The full report can be found on this link.

Image Credit: Sean MacEntee / Flickr