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Skill shortage forcing businesses to hire IT service providers

Businesses in the UK, but also elsewhere in Europe, are turning to IT service providers to fill in the skill gaps they are faced with, according to new research. Claranet’s latest research says the lack of in-house skills and resources are the two biggest reasons why businesses go for ITSPs. Claranet warns, however, that businesses need to be extra careful when selecting partners. 

“The deficit in IT skills means that businesses must be more selective about the types of skills they employ in-house and those that they choose to outsource,” says Andy Wilton, CIO at Claranet.  

“Organisations are competing for a small pool of IT talent, which requires making tough decisions about which exact skillsets are required within the organisation. Public cloud is particularly specialised and it can be hard to find an in-house generalist who possesses the advanced skillsets to deliver the required capabilities with confidence.” 

According to Wilton, internal IT teams should not waste their energy into managing servers or infrastructure, and should instead focus on app building. “Those businesses that are winning in their markets are those that have amazing applications, so that’s where the focus needs to be.” 

Vanson Bourne has done the research on behalf of Claranet, and has polled 900 IT leaders in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and the Benelux. A third (36 per cent) of EU IT leaders use service providers to access skills that aren’t available in-house.