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Smartphone growth in the UK is 'staggering'

A huge Google report, five years in the making and with information from 625.000 people, shows just how much internet and smartphones changed our lives in half a decade.

According to the report, five years ago, one in three consumers in 40 markets had access to a smartphone. Fast forward to 2016, the number has gone up to a ‘staggering’ 70 per cent. 

In the UK alone, three in four (75 per cent) use a smartphone, compared to 51 per cent, five years ago. The report says people use more devices ‘than ever’, with 65 per cent saying they access the internet at least as often via smartphone as via computer. That’s almost double compared to 2012, when it stood at 35 per cent. 

Looking at the internet as a tool in general, there has been significant movements, too. Now, 83 per cent of people in the UK use it for personal purposes, with the proportion of daily internet users increasing from 56 per cent in 2012, to 68 per cent where it stands today.

Finally, for 84 per cent, the internet is the first place they look when they need information. 

Even though the growth has been seen at all demographics, the smartphone has become essential for the younger consumers. For those under 25, the device is used to find information (88 per cent), watch video (77 per cent), interact with their friends (90 per cent for social networks, 88 per cent for email), and go shopping (28 per cent buy things via smartphone, 46 per cent educate themselves before making a purchase).