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SMBs are facing bigger security threats than ever before

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The number of small and medium-sized organisations facing cyberattacks is growing every year, and on a global level, a third has already experienced at least one attack in the last five years. This is according to a new report by Kaseya, based on a poll of 400 IT pros in organisations all over the world.

These organisations are tackling the issue in a number of ways, with the most popular being automating patch management. This is something 42 per cent of respondents are either already doing, or are planning to do in the near future.

Patching software and systems is every organisation’s weak spot. Less than half (42 per cent) monitor third-party software and apply critical patches within a month of their release.

For more than half of SMBs (57 per cent), improving security is their top IT priority. Two years ago, that number stood at 40 per cent.

“In a world where cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and high-profile breaches more prevalent, it is no surprise that SMBs and the mid-market have a strong focus on security issues,” said Mike Puglia, chief strategy officer, Kaseya. “However, our survey shows that there is still a lot for them to do. The lack of automated patching in place is a serious concern as is the prevalence of breaches and their correlation with the outages that organisations suffer.”

One thing that most organisations do nowadays, is backing up their systems. Almost all (90 per cent) back up to the cloud, in combination with other media.