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SMBs aren't keeping employees up to date on remote security policies

(Image credit: Image Credit: Gpointstudio / Shutterstock)

Many small businesses are failing to provide employees with the tools or training they need to remain secure while working from home.

This is according to a new report from cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, which states that small and medium-sized businesses lag behind large enterprises when in comes to equipping the remote workforce with tools to access corporate networks securely.

The report states that 57 percent of staff at small organisations have not been provided with corporate devices and two thirds have not received instructions around how to work securely on personal laptops, tablets and smartphones while at home.

Simple measures that could mitigate against potential threats include instructing workers to install antivirus solutions and explaining how to devise strong passwords for devices and WiFi networks.

“Small companies may be in difficult circumstances and their first priority is to save their business and employees during the lockdown,” said Andrey Dankevich, Senior Product Marketing Manager, B2B Product Marketing at Kaspersky. "So it is no surprise that cybersecurity may become an afterthought."

"However, implementing even basic IT security requirements can decrease the chances of malware infection, compromised payments or lost business data. Moreover, there are plenty of recommendations already given by cybersecurity experts that businesses can share with their employees to help them keep their devices safe. And of course, the requirements should be followed not only during home isolation but continued when staff work remotely in the future,”