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SMBs remain optimistic, despite fresh challenges

(Image credit: / Pressmaster)

Despite the continued effects of the pandemic, SMBs remain optimistic about their prospects and the future of business.

This is according to a new report from cloud software giant Salesforce, based on a poll of more than 2,300 SMB owners, which states that the majority remain positive despite the challenges and roadblocks ahead.

The top three constraints on SMBs, according to the report, continue to be money, meeting customer expectations and hiring the right talent.

Further, 3 in 5 SMB leaders said local mandates to close or limit operations are threatening the viability of their business, while compliance with public health requirements is also creating an added burden.

Despite these challenges, almost a quarter (22 percent) say they are very optimistic, while half (50 percent) claim to be “somewhat” optimistic about the future.

The factor SMBs are most concerned about is the ability to allow customers access in more ways than before. Some have implemented new technologies, choosing those that are cheapest and easiest to use, from vendors they trust the most.