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Software deployments are moving to the cloud, fast

IT pros everywhere are well aware of the benefits of moving software deployment to the cloud, but they're wary of their team's demands, networks and pocketbooks. This is according to a new report by Adaptiva. The report, entitled 2016 Cloud Software Deployment Survey Report, polled 300 IT experts on their software deployment. 

Currently, almost three quarters (70 per cent) are deploying software on-premise. A fifth (21 per cent) uses a hybrid approach. Yet, almost nine out of ten (86 per cent) will use the cloud for software deployment soon (40 per cent plan on doing it in the next two years). 

For more than half (58 per cent), such an approach would make their jobs easier, as it would eliminate on-site infrastructure (64 per cent), would allow faster deployment (48 per cent), less administration (48 per cent) and lower costs (36 per cent). The biggest obstacles to the deployment of cloud-based software seems to be the lack of technical experience (26 per cent), lack of controls over software going to systems (25 per cent) and cost (22 per cent). 

Deciding to tackle the issue, Adaptiva released a serverless option for distributing software to the cloud - OneSite 6.0. “Enterprises clearly want to move their systems management activities to the cloud, but are concerned about the demands and costs that high-volume, cloud-based software deployments would place on their networks,” said Deepak Kumar, founder and CTO of Adaptiva.  

More about OneSite 6.0 can be found on this link.   

Image Credit: Everything Possible / Shutterstock