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Software reliability has become a bigger issue for developers

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Software engineers are growing increasingly more concerned over the reliability of their software, according to Haystack Analytics. 

The company recently analyzed data published in two separate State of DevOps 2021 reports (published by Google Cloud and Puppet), as well as conducting a survey of more than 250 software engineers in the UK, finding over half (57 percent) would agree, at least to a moderate extent, that software reliability is cause for concern. 

Another report, published by Google’s DORA team, shows that even among “elite performer” software engineers, 10 percent fully implemented the Site Reliability Engineering practices they investigated.

For the report’s author, Junade Ali, it’s all about the psychological safety of the engineers: “The results are clear - psychological safety is paramount to preventing burnout, delivering better business outcomes and improving software reliability. The ability to balance the competing forces of risk and reward is an essential skill in engineering, empowering engineers to use their professional judgment with psychological safety is vital to addressing the issues we currently face in software reliability. For businesses to grow, engineers must be able to take calculated risks, using their professional judgment. No risk, no reward.”

It seems that psychological safety is key to addressing the issue of software reliability. According to the report, low-performing teams were 2.2 times more likely to have a culture that discourages risk than their high-performing counterparts. 

Ali continued: “Messengers should not fear getting shot and success through calculated risks should be rewarded. Feedback should be taken, not just given. Defensive cultures, where leaders cannot admit to their mistakes or the limits of their knowledge, should serve as a red flag to engineers going through the recruitment process. Strong engineering leaders have the humility to accept their own humanity.”

Sead Fadilpašić

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