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Some Android devices to come preloaded with Yandex software

Android-powered devices, being sold by Fly, LAVA, Mobile TeleSystems, Multilaser, Posh Mobile, Wileyfox and ZTE, will now come with a suite of Yandex products, including Yandex Browser and Yandex Launcher, the Russian company announced on Wednesday. It hopes the products will help achieve "device differentiation, enhance end user experience and gain additional income through its ad revenue sharing model”. 

The products can be customised with whatever the abovementioned brands want, it was added. Through the revenue sharing model, Yandex’s partners will be able to earn additional income from app recommendations in Yandex Launcher, as well as from ads on Yandex Zen, a personalised content recommendation feed. “Device manufacturers often have to choose between developing in-house software at a huge overhead cost or sacrificing product differentiation and additional revenue. Some OEMs pre-install as many apps as possible. 

Unfortunately, this has a negative effect on the user experience and is counterproductive to their brands in the long-term,” explained Artem Fokin, Vice President for International Business Development, Yandex.  “Our software and artificial intelligence technology is aimed at shaking up the market and helping our partners overcome these challenges, reduce customer churn and increase profit margins,” he continued. 

Yandex is a Russia-based technology company building user-centric products and services, powered by AI. It has been operational since 1997, creating platform solutions and partnering up with device manufacturers, mobile carriers and software developers.  It currently operates in nine countries and has offices in 17 locations.   

Image Credit: Yandex