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Some UK employees unaware of their company's security policies

(Image credit: Den Rise/Shutterstock)

A third of the UK workforce is  oblivious to the safety and security policies implemented by their employer, a new study by Expert Security UK shows.

For that reason, the company’s managing director Danny Scholfield has teamed up with business experts to create a bullet list of the three things business owners can do to encourage their staff to embrace security:

·         Be transparent with the team
·         Use the right tools for the job
·         Don’t forget physical security

“The way of ensuring that all staff abide by the security policy is making sure that they understand the importance of the procedures and how they protect the clients,” James Hall, creative director at HeX Productions said.

“With all websites we build, developers incorporate firewall and virus settings as well as making sure user policies are strict to ensure tight security. We also test and monitor these firewalls to ensure access is limited.”

He added that implementing procedures are simple. Business owners should ask their web developers or hosting company about the type of protection in place. Every business needs to have a disaster recovery plan, and it’s also worth checking how many people have access to the development side.

Businesses can improve security really easily and it’s about asking around if unsure. Don’t always go for the cheapest developer because they might not have as much security as those who charge a little bit more.”

Image Credit: Den Rise/Shutterstock