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Splunk giving away $100m in software and education

There is a new philanthropic initiative in town, called Splunk Pledge, one which promises to give $100 million in software licenses, training, support, education and volunteerism to nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. This offering, which will be stretched to a period of ten years, was created by Splunk's Splunk4Good initiative, to 'support academic research and generate social impact'. 

“Splunk is deeply passionate in our belief that big data can bring societal good. That is the driving force behind Splunk Pledge,” said Doug Merritt, President and CEO, Splunk.  

“At nonprofits, IT budgets typically average one percent - making it challenging to fully leverage technology to accomplish their mission. By committing to help nonprofits and educational institutions with resources readily available, like free licenses and support, free education, and volunteerism by our staff, we can make a difference in the world.” 

Splunk hopes this offering will help non-profit organisations cut their costs, improve cybersecurity, and streamline IT operations, among other things. The company also says that all donations will be followed by complimentary training, to make sure organisations receiving the donations know how to use them to their full potential. 

The company also used the opportunity to announce that its Splunk Acamedic Program, created to train new workers, is expanding globally. This will allow students everywhere free access to Splunk education and training.  Applications are available at the Splunk website, on this link.  

“Facilitating the research and education objectives of our member universities is Internet2’s core mission, and we are pleased Splunk is making resources and certification available to our community and its global partners at no charge. University staff, faculty and students can increase their professional development in utilizing the powerful toolsets of Splunk software to achieve their teaching and research missions,” said Shel Waggener, senior vice president, Internet. 

“We look forward to working with Splunk to enhance and streamline access to these valuable course offerings in the coming years.”

Image Credit: James F Clay / Flickr