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Submit your story to ITProPortal

Here at ITProPortal we’re always keen to hear from the best and brightest minds in the technology world.

With readers all around the world, getting your article online is a great way to reach a dedicated, well-read B2B audience.

Submissions need to be sent through via our SurveyMonkey page, which can be found here and contains all the details you need to know.

As you might expect, we do receive a lot of requests, so we’ve come up with a special way to make sure what goes online is of the highest quality.

We ask for a minimum of 1,000 words. There’s a couple of reasons for that. Longer features tend to do better overall across our industry (higher dwell time, lower bounce rates, ability to plug in more links) and most importantly, they tend to rank well on Google. Then there’s the fact that it acts as a natural barrier to segregate serious B2B partners from opportunistic ones.

It will then be stored in our shared spreadsheet, which logs all the submissions we receive, charting statistics and publishing dates.

Unfortunately, given the number of pieces we receive, it is hard for us to follow-up everything, so we would advise you to set up a Google Alert in order to know instantly when your content has been pushed. 

Michael Moore
Michael Moore is News and Features Editor working across both ITProPortal and TechRadar Pro. He has worked as a technology journalist for more than five years, including spells at one of the UK's leading national newspapers. He is interested in hearing about all the latest news and developments across the Business IT world, and how companies are using new technology to help push forward their work and make their customer's lives easier.