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System integrators join Dell's IoT Solutions Partner Program

System Integrators (SIs) are now part of Dell’s Internet of Things Solutions Partner Program, the company announced via press release this Thursday morning. The ecosystem currently counts 50 independent software vendors (ISVs), and now include Action Point, Datatrend Technologies, L&T Technology Services and Mobiliya. Dell hopes the new additions will help customers identify the right solutions to their problems more easily, and take projects from proof of concept to a robust deployment.  

“We’re passionate about providing our customers with a comprehensive IoT ecosystem to help them innovate and move an idea from concept to reality,” said Jeff Brown, Vice President, Global IoT and Embedded PC Sales, Dell EMC, Global OEM Solutions.

“By adding SIs into the mix, we are helping to bridge the gap between IT and OT, and transform IoT into a profitable market reality.” 

Dell says its networks can help organisations develop, deploy and maintain leading-edge IoT solutions. Key benefits include increased market awareness, backed by a reputable computing technology organisation; access to a robust and reliable product portfolio, as well as opportunities for large business growth and acceleration through Dell’s multiple partner tiers.  

"From our viewpoint Dell is the only global technology partner that offers as comparable and as comprehensive a range of IoT optimised solutions from the edge to the data centre to the cloud," reflects Head of IoT, Ivan O'Connor from Action Point. "Dell’s clear commitment to and focus on being at the vanguard of IoT gives us as an IoT systems integrator and a long standing Dell partner the ability and the competitive advantage to build out cutting edge new IoT solutions to transform our clients’ businesses."   

Image Credit: Flickr / Toshiyuki IMAI