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Tech can boost productivity, but only if done right

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Technology is the key to increased productivity in the office, but only if implemented properly, a new report has claimed. 

Research published today by Lancaster University’s Work Foundation and Citrix has found that if not done correctly, technology can be a magnet for stress and frustration.

The report says that the UK is lagging behind other G7 economies when it comes to increased productivity, especially since the recession. The majority of knowledge workers believe they are no more productive today than they were three years ago, with some claiming to be even less productive.

Despite “mobile working” being a term that’s thrown around nowadays, 71 per cent of respondents said they still haven’t been given an opportunity to work remotely. Just eight per cent think flexible working is ‘actively encouraged’.

“We have to tackle business culture once and for all, embracing the multitude of technologies available today to improve productivity,” said Michelle Senecal de Fonseca, area vice president, northern Europe at Citrix.

“We need to encourage collaboration, engage the workforce, finally clasp the working anywhere culture and - most of all - support internal innovation or ‘intrapreneurs’, who are brave enough to drive such change. Combine this with strong leadership and willingness to take risks, and we have the perfect recipe to truly accelerate the UK into the business stratosphere.”

The report outlined four key recommendations for businesses seeking to build more uniform practices in a bid to tackle the productivity dilemma, which you can find in the report on this link.

Image Credit: Bbernard / Shutterstock

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