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Tech Data Corporation to distribute Fitbit, wants to enter corporate wellness

(Image credit: Image Credit: Flickr / Andri Koolme)

Tech Data Corporation will be the official distributor for the entire Fitbit activity trackers range for the UK, it was announced this Wednesday.

The company will be looking to tap into new markets with the devices, as well, namely corporate and healthcare sectors.  

“Fitbit motivates people to reach their health and fitness goals by tracking their activity,” said Paul Jacobs, Business Unit Director for CE and Accessories. “Millions of consumers all over the world do that already using fitbit products and businesses are also using wearables to support and encourage employees in leading healthy lifestyles, so there is a tremendous amount of potential.”

And you know who’s also encouraging people to live a healthier lifestyle? Insurance companies. In the US, for example, they’re giving away valuable prizes to those that record their steps with Fitbit. For example, there are various shopping vouchers, frequent flyer points or even direct cash rewards.

“The reach of wearables is being extended and the opportunities could be massive,” Jacobs added.

“We will be working closely with fitbit in partnership with ISVs and API integration specialists in this area to target reseller partners with ideas or specific opportunities they want to develop - wed love to hear from them.”

Fitbit’s Senior Sales Director for EMEA, Olivier Claude said that this deal will help the company ‘address the massive potential’ they see for these products in corporate wellness, healthcare and a wider commercial sector.

Image Credit: Flickr / Andri Koolme