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Tech giants laying ethics foundations for artificial intelligence creation

Some of the world's biggest technology companies are coming together to lay the foundations of what's ethical when creating artificial intelligence. Sounds a lot like the world of I, Robot. 

But instead of discussing things I, Robot tackles, like robots killing people and whatnot, these five companies are looking at problems we might be facing in the near future – loss of jobs, transportation and how we wage war.  

These companies: Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft (surprisingly, no Apple), will be discussing how to create artificial intelligence which will benefit the human race, and not hurt them.  We still don't know the specifics of these talks. We don't even know if this group has a name, but we do know that this is about a framework for self-policing.  

Artificial Intelligence might not yet be how Hollywood depicts it – with sentient, two-legged robots running around, telling unfunny jokes in their robotic, emotionless voices, but it has advanced greatly in the past decade. We are now using intelligent software in many things – for example big data analytics. 

IBM’s Watson supercomputer just made its own movie trailer, and that’s spooky in its own respect. Another industry where artificial intelligence is gaining traction is the automotive industry – we already have self-driving cars being tested on the streets of the UK, today. 

It is only a matter of time before we start using them, and one of the ethical dilemmas surrounding AI cars is – who is to blame when a collision of two self-driving cars result in a death of a human?  

Image Credit: Michael Dain / Flickr