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Tech industry's women earn 9 per cent less than men

Women in the UK's tech industry earn 9 per cent less money than men, according to a new report by Hired. In salary terms, that's approximately £5,000 a year in difference.

The worst part is – the UK is leading the way globally, when it comes to gender pay gap in the technology sector. The U.S. has a gender pay gap of 8 per cent in the tech sector, Canada 7 per cent, and Australia has the lowest gap – 5 per cent. The sad thing is that the gender pay gap is still a reality. Hired's report also says that it's not just about the pay – getting promoted and being part of the boardroom is also more challenging for women in the workforce. 

The biggest wage gap – 9 per cent – is in software engineering, an equivalent of five weeks' worth of work. Mid-sized companies (anywhere between 200 and 1,000 employees) have the biggest gaps – 17 per cent, while those above and below this threshold move close to the industry average. There is also a difference in how much women ask during interviews, compared to men. Hired’s report says this is a reflection of them earning less, so they expect less – something the report dubs ‘the expectation gap’.  

Women with six years of experience or more actually ask 18 per cent less than men do.  “The fact that women lower their expectations over the course of their careers after receiving lower salaries than the men they work alongside underscores the importance of ensuring equal pay early on,” the report concludes.  

Image source: Shutterstock/Sergey Nivens