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Tech jobs hoping to lead the employment bounceback

(Image credit: Image Credit: MK photograp55 / Shutterstock)

By showing signs of a strong recovery, the tech industry hopes to lead the employment bounceback post-pandemic.

This is according to a new report from Otta, which states that 3,495 tech roles were advertised in the UK this September. That’s almost as many as in March (3,552), just before the lockdown.

The number of job listings has increased by 71 percent since June, during which month only 2,041 tech roles we advertised.

Of all the tech jobs available in the UK, the most common include software engineer, product manager and data analyst, which make up more than half of all roles. Engineers are in particularly high demand, with 1,116 roles advertised in September (up from 1,037 in March).

Fintech is still the most prominent technology sub-sector in London with 843 roles, mostly thanks to the success of startups such as Revolut, Checkout, Iwoca and GoCardless.

While most sub-sectors in the tech industry are still recovering from the pandemic, some are recruiting even more regularly than before Covid-19.

The growth of the sector is mirrored in the level of investment, as well. UK startups raised almost $860 million during the lockdown, with investors particularly interested in fintech, AI, security and blockchain businesses.