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Tech skills most wanted in the UK

LinkedIn just unveiled a list of skills which are most in demand in the UK, and unsurprisingly – technology expertise is dominating.  

The professional network curated the skills by analysing recruitment activity in the past year. For the UK, Statistical Analysis and Data Mining was most in-demand, for the second year running.  

Here are the top ten skills: 

1) Statistical Analysis and Data Mining  
2) Middleware and Integration Software  
3) HR Benefits and Compensation
4) Web Architecture and Development Framework  
5) Mobile Development  
6) Perl/Python/Ruby
7) SEO/SEM Marketing  
8) Network and Information Security  
9) Data Presentation  
10) Data Engineering and Data Warehousing  

Among ‘soft skills’, ownership, strategic thinking, communication and persistence are the toughest to find. Almost two thirds (61 per cent) of recruiters agree these are difficult to find, and in 56 per cent of cases it even limits their company’s productivity.  

“Whilst some skill sets inevitably come and go according to industry shifts, our data strongly suggests that demand for tech skills shows no signs of disappearing any time soon,” says LinkedIn’s Darain Faraz. 

To ease the troubles of both recruiters and job seekers, LinkedIn is organising a “Week of Learning” – taking place October 24 – 30. During that time, job seekers will be offered free access to more than 5,000 courses.  

Image Credit: Den Rise/Shutterstock