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Technology set to transform healthcare beyond recognition

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/Wichy)

Medical workers in the UK are confident that new technological solutions will be able to completely transform their industry for the better,  a new survey has found.

Advances in technology which allow faster information flow and better solutions will contribute to making jobs much easier, according to a report from Epson.

The report says big data will help improve diagnosis and treatment success, with 3D printing particularly considered a ‘revolutionary force’. 

Knowledge sharing between specialists will also improve thanks to new collaboration technologies. Waiting times will be cut, 3D printing organs and cells will speed up medical processes, and remote monitoring will improve patient care. 

Patients will also be able to use new technologies to better monitor their health, becoming more proactive in managing their health, diagnosis and treatment. 

Virtual consultations can improve access to healthcare, and printing personalised prescriptions will dramatically improve treatment outcomes.

Commenting on the findings, Epson Managing Director UK and Ireland Rob Clark stated, “Clearly healthcare professionals agree technology will play a crucial role over the next ten years. With the challenges of an ageing population, technological innovation has the potential to address the most pressing concerns facing the NHS, such as stretched resources, patient access and waiting times”.

“However, to implement technology effectively, IT leaders must stay aware of the latest developments and launch consultation processes with patients and regulators. We simply cannot afford to miss the benefits of innovation over the next ten years, so collaboration between stakeholders to address and mitigate any potential issues is critical”.

Image source: Shutterstock/Wichy