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Telecoms and banking sectors most advanced when it comes to digital transformation

(Image credit: Image Credit: Chombosan / Shutterstock)

The telecoms and banking sectors are leading the way when it comes to driving digital transformation, according to new research. 

The latest ICT Enterprise Insights program, from analyst firm Ovum, interviewed more than 6,300 enterprises globally on digital transformation efforts.

The results were then collated into a 'digital maturity index', in which the telecoms sector, scored highest  with a ranking of 43.9 per cent, followed by banking on 42 per cent.  

Ovum has identified nine steps as crucial to digital transformation, including cybersecurity, digital skills development, organising work and company culture, creating digital services, and having a ‘clearly articulated digital strategy’.

Across the enterprises that were surveyed for the report, just eight per cent see themselves as fully digitised, while 16 per cent consider “well-advanced”. Almost a quarter (23 per cent) see themselves as in early stages.

Daniel Mayo, director of IT data tools & insights at Ovum commented: “IT vendors and service providers that deliver the solutions that enable digital transformation can leverage Ovum’s ICT Enterprise Insights to identify the market segments with the most opportunity – by country, industry, or size of company. Along with prioritising market segments, the survey is an essential input in product planning, market messaging, and salesforce deployment.”      

The ICT Enterprise Insights program also looked at how digital technologies played their part in digital transformation. Enterprises are most advanced in adoption of Big Data and API-based architectures. Microservices and IoT are less currently advanced in terms of active deployment, while AI and blockchain are much discussed, but not really developed.

Image Credit: Chombosan / Shutterstock