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The demand for hybrid working keeps on increasing

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When it comes to remote and hybrid working, we’ve passed the point of no return. This is the conclusion of Fujitsu’s latest report, which claims it’s highly unlikely that we’ll ever go back to full-time office working.

The report states that, while Covid-19 played a major role in the switch to remote and hybrid working, it wasn’t the only factor. According to Fujitsu, the pandemic simply catalyzed the process.

The greatest advantage of remote working is the lack of commute. Not only does this help with work-life balance, but also saves plenty of money for both employees and employers.

However, employees also said they miss interacting with their colleagues face-to-face and in-person collaboration is said to be more effective. Employees also fear they are under more scrutiny while working remotely and this is taking a toll on their mental health.

All this considered, full-time remote working is expected to make way for a hybrid model, in which employees split their time between the home and office. That way, businesses can eliminate the downsides of remote working, while keeping the flexibility and the improved work-life balance that comes with telecommuting.