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The UK to get a cyber-threat combat centre

(Image credit: Image Credit: Deepadesigns / Shutterstock)

The UK is getting a national centre to combat cyber attacks, and it's the Queen who gets to open it. The media have reported this morning that the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) will be opened in central London by the Queen, accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh and Chancellor Philip Hammond.

The NCSC is part of intelligence agency GCHQ and has, according to media reports, already tackled 188 attacks in the last three months. It will look for holes in sites belonging to the public sector, will tackle spoof emails and pull phishing sites down.

Commenting on the announcement and claims that the NHS is the biggest target, Michael Brown, Systems Engineering Manager at F5 Networks said:

“Infrastructure technology has been the slowest to evolve and companies are often focused on just protecting the network perimeter. This creates additional security gaps when applications are often up and running before the proper security controls have been put in place. The apps themselves are seen as “softer” targets by hackers because they contain vital data,” he said.

"Organisations today need an ecosystem of powerful application security solutions, including effective controls, solutions support security for any infrastructure, from traditional data centres to cloud environments, and trained security experts to deal with the threats.”

Image Credit: Deepadesigns / Shutterstock