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There's a false sense of security on the internet

Just 21 per cent of all people online feel threatened by anything online, including malware, viruses, fraud, etc.  At the same time, 29 per cent have actually fallen victim to cybercriminal schemes, out of which eight per cent have had an account hijacked, and 22 per cent have had malware on their devices.  

On top of it all, a total of 60 per cent of all people online use protection, in form of a cybersecurity solution for all devices accessing the internet.  These figures were unveiled by Kaspersky Lab which has, together with B2B International, released a report on the current level of cyberthreats faced by internet users, called  Kaspersky Cybersecurity Index 21 – 29 – 60. 

“We created the Index to draw the attention of users, the media and vendors to the issue of cybersecurity. Many users today, we believe, do not expect to come face-to-face with cyber-threats, so they fail to install security solutions on their devices and behave carelessly online. This makes them easy targets for cybercriminals. The Index reflects the results of this approach. Today, 29 per cent of people have been affected by online threats. We are calling on all Internet users to improve their cyber-savviness and adopt a responsible approach, both for their own protection, and to that of their loved ones. Security, we believe, must be shared,” said Andrei Mochola, Head of Consumer Business at Kaspersky Lab. 

The full report, together with its indicators, ages and genders, can be found on this link.

Sead Fadilpašić

Sead is a freelance journalist with more than 15 years of experience in writing various types of content, from blogs, whitepapers, and reviews to ebooks, and many more, across sites including Al Jazeera Balkans, TechRadar Pro, IT Pro Portal, and CryptoNews.