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These are the worst malware strains of 2019

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Internet security company Webroot has released its list of the nastiest, most dangerous malware and ransomware out there. Basing its results on how much money they managed to earn, and how devastating the malware strains are, Webroot has listed some well-known names, as well as some that are considered discontinued.

The first on the list, one of the most successful malware out there is Emotet, also known as Ryuk or Trickbot. Even though these strains earned their creators tons of money in the past, they are now focused more on reconnaissance, rather than money-grabbing.

“They assign a value to the target network post infection and send the ransom for that amount, after moving laterally and deploying the ransomware”, Webroot explained.

GandCrab, another hugely popular ransomware strain out there, which was also considered discontinued, has made its way to the #2 spot. It still remains one of the most successful Ransomware-as-a-Service tools, with its creators claiming to have earned north of $2 billion.

The third spot belongs to Sodinokibi - Sodin / REvil, which arose after GandCrab allegedly retired. “It’s not uncommon for successful threat actors who receive a lot of attention to try to start new projects in an attempt remain successful,” it was added.

“It comes as no surprise that we continue to see cybercriminals evolve their tactics. They may be using the same strains of malware, but they are making better use of the immense volume of stolen personal information available to craft more convincing targeted attacks,” commented Tyler Moffitt, Security Analyst, Webroot.

“Consumers and organizations need to adopt a layered security approach and not underestimate the power of consistent security training as they work to improve their cyber resiliency and protection.”