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This is Amazon's view of the future of online shopping

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Amazon has launched a new online store aimed at providing shoppers with everything they didn’t even know they wanted yet.

The retail giant's new Shop The Future store brings together advanced analytics and future-gazing predictions to bring together the next must-have products in one handy online portal.

Covering areas from home electronics to beauty and soft furnishings, the new store will offer an easy way to browse and get your hands on the next big thing. 

“At, we already offer over 250 million products that our customers want now and which they might want in the future, from household goods and fashion to technology, the latest music and entertainment and food and drink," said Jamie Heywood, director, electronics, 

"The Shop the Future store helps our customers stay on the cutting edge, using futurists’ predictions to continue to offer the best products and services to meet their evolving needs.”

To mark the launch of the new store, Amazon has also commissioned a report from leading ‘futurists’, aiming to identify some of the most pertinent customer trends in the coming months and years.

This includes the growth of so-called ‘simplexity’ - where manufacturers look to build products and services that reduce complexity and become more useful in everyday life -  with voice activation, subscription services and artificial intelligence all set to become an even more central part of the way we shop.

Connected health is also set to become a major trend, as health-conscious consumers look to smart devices to provide up to date monitoring and analysis of their physical well-being. This growth will also lead to internal health products, however, with implants and trackers becoming more of a common presence inside the body in order to supply more accurate readings.

But big businesses won’t have it all their own way, Amazon says, as the report predicts that many consumers will use advanced tools such as 3D printing to create their own high-quality products.

Michael Moore
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