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Three calls for the separation of BT and Ofcom

Three is yet another in a long line of telecoms calling for the split of BT and its infrastructure arm, Openreach. This Monday, City A.M. quoted Three UK Chief Executive Officer, David Dyson, who threw the blame Ofcom's way. 

“Ofcom should play a crucial role in ensuring UK consumers fully benefit from the digital revolution yet Ofcom has allowed BT to accumulate close to 50 per cent of the airwaves that are key to mobile internet as well as dominating the fixed broadband market,” he said. 

This July, Ofcom suggested BT and Openreach should split, but the idea was never implemented. Back then, The Guardian reported how Ofcom ordered BT to give Openreach more independence. 

All consultations on the proposal are scheduled to end on October 4. 

Three has now joined TalkTalk, Vodafone and Sky as they try to persuade Ofcom that BT should not keep Openreach. BT opposes. 

The battle here is about infrastructure. Openreach owns the fibre and copper wires, and critics are saying the UK could advance much faster if the company wasn't being held back by BT. 

BT is criticised that it is not investing enough into infrastructure. Communications watchdog Ofcom proposed Openreach to be a separate company, within the BT Group, which will have its own board, brand and chairman. This would be, according to Ofcom's CEO Sharon White, a faster solution. 

Image Credit: Elliott Brown / Flickr