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Three-quarters of companies still failing to comply with GDPR

(Image credit: Image Credit: StartupStockPhotos / Pixabay)

One of the things GDPR enforces is how businesses handle user requests for personal data. Organisations that fall under GDPR’s jurisdiction are required to comply with such request within a month, and need to supply users with a full response.

However a report from Talend found that a vast majority of UK organisations fail to comply with this part of GDPR. It was said that almost three quarters do not share a copy of their users’ personal data within a month.

At the moment, the compliance rate hovers around 17 per cent, with the final nine per cent of companies split between delayed and incomplete responses.

“It’ll come as no surprise that many commentators are predicting a growing emphasis on GDPR in 2019, particularly regarding improving data processes within organisations,” Talend says.

 “A delay, or complete lack of a response, will only continue to damage free-falling consumer trust in how organisations store and organise their data, says Jean-Michel Franco, Senior Director of Data Governance Products at Talend.

“What’s more, the world is on tenterhooks waiting for the first major fine to be enforced for a breach of the GDPR. After all, consumers are now feeling more empowered to put companies and regulators under pressure to ensure that their rights are respected, whether through individual complaints or group action, as we’ve seen recently with a huge spike in reports to the ICO (up by 160 per cent) and class action by 45,000 European citizens driven by three associations including Privacy International."

Image Credit: StartupStockPhotos / Pixabay

Sead Fadilpašić

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