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Today's office soon to head into well-earned retirement

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Today's office, that static business nexus we visit 9 to 5 (usually longer than that, to be honest), is soon to become a 'relic of the past'. This is according to Samsung's latest report, “The Open Economy”, which gives some interesting insights into how humans will do business in a decade or more. 

Instead of being in office for the most of our day, in the near future, we will work from anywhere, and at any given time. This future is being driven by Millennials, and new technologies allowing people to work with such flexibility. 

“Your personal device, whatever form it takes, be it smartphone, watch or key fob, will be your ultra-portable central processing unit,” says Nick Dawson, Global Director Knox Strategy at Samsung. “We are developing scenarios where your smartphone enables you to work from any screen that’s in front of you, whether it be a monitor, a TV, or a VR headset. Those scenarios even include items less associated with the word device, such as kitchen and home appliances.”

The biggest challenge standing in the way is security. How do you secure important private and corporate data, when you use a wide variety of devices and networks, and form teams of mobile freelancers? The answer apparently lies in Artificial Intelligence, and big companies are already building solutions. 

“In a few years, the machines will get better and better at spotting the unusual and the unexpected, and at allowing you to investigate that,” says Darktrace’s Head of Technology, Dave Palmer. 

“Biometrics and behaviour analysis will allow corporate security systems to interact with feedback in real time, notice if a worker is trying to engage in way that’s out of the ordinary, and take measures to avoid data breaches.”

Image Credit: Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock

Sead Fadilpašić
Sead Fadilpašić

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