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Too many security tools could actually put your business at risk

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When it comes to cybersecurity tools in businesses, the more definitely doesn’t mean the merrier. ReliaQuest’s new annual report says that some organisations buy too many security tools hoping to stay safe. What they end up with is – underutilised solutions, a limited return on investment, an increased risk of cyberthreats and inefficient teams that spend more time tending to the tools than using them.

“While it’s tempting to think another piece of technology will solve the problem, it’s far from true -- in fact, this survey proves more tools can worsen enterprise security by adding complexity without improving outcomes,” says Brian Murphy, CEO of ReliaQuest.

Tight integration and transparency across their entire environment should be their ultimate goal, Murphy says.

The report uncovered that almost three quarters of businesses invested in more than five new technologies last year. A fifth (19 per cent) invested in more than 20.

Trouble starts straight away, as 71 per cent struggle with implementation, and 69 per cent said their security teams spent most of their time managing the tools.

As a consequence, the majority of enterprises are less secure. More than half (53 per cent) said their security team reached a tipping point “where the excessive number of security tools in place adversely impacts security posture.”

“Ultimately, security technologies help enterprises stay a step ahead of rapidly evolving threats. Vendor sprawl and the financial and operational pains it causes are avoidable. But to ensure technologies collectively deliver greater transparency, security leaders should reassess overarching business goals, align tools to their security models and then recalibrate the process and people to achieve the best outcomes,” Murphy concluded.

Sead Fadilpašić

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