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Top malware threats of 2018 revealed

New research from Gigamon has revealed the most prevalent malware threats of 2018, with some familiar names taking the top spots.

Emotet, LokiBot, and TrickBot were named by the firm as the worst offending and most prevalent malware variants during the second half of 2018, together being responsible for over two-thirds (68 per cent) of all attacks in this period. 

Of the three, Emotet was the most pervasive threat, representing 45.9 percent of all observed attacks, with campaigns surging in November and December as the malware authors experimented with new strains. 

LokiBot represented 11.6 per cent of observed samples in the second half of 2018, with Gigamom saying it represented the most diverse attachment types used for initial infection, with TrickBot was 10.4 per cent of observed attacks.

“While these high-volume threats are well discussed in the security industry, and are seemingly novel, Emotet, Lokibot, and TrickBot still succeed in impacting enterprises around the world, causing significant damage,” said Justin Warner, Director of Applied Threat Research for Gigamon. 

“It is our desire to share a threat focused methodology in approaching security operations and apply it to these prolific threats. Our goal is to empower security teams to be more prepared to detect and respond to this malicious activity, and others that share or recycle similar technical methods.”

Michael Moore
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