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Trend Micro offers Deep Security as a Service on AWS Marketplace

Trend Micro has just announced that it will offer a cloud security solution on the Amazon Web Services platform. The Trend Micro Deep Security as a Service will thus be available on the AWS Marketplace. The company said it enables organisations to combine the benefits of security software as a service, with the convenience of consolidated payments. 

AWS customers can now get a single bill for more SaaS products on their AWS bill, allowing them to compare multiple solutions, subscribe, and directly access the Trend Micro site, where they’ll be able to set up an account. 

“With Deep Security as a Service, Trend Micro delivers a flexible and easy-to-use solution which AWS customers depend on to provide added security for their EC2 instances,” said David McCann, VP of AWS Marketplace and Catalog Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc. 

“Security is our top priority at AWS, and Deep Security as a Service is an example of the powerful tools our AWS Partner Network Partners provide to help customers to meet their security objectives. Now customers have an even easier way to get started using Deep Security as a Service to protect workloads and increase operational efficiencies.” 

Extra protection is also available for the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances, through per-hour pricing, it was said. With such an offering, Deep Security as a Service offers a fully hosted security management experience, the company concluded. 

Image source: Shutterstock/faithie