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Trump calls for Apple to build products in the US

(Image credit: Image Credit: Pio3 / Shutterstock)

US President Donald Trump has pushed Apple to start building its products in the US to avoid tariffs. 

Tweeting this Saturday, Trump said that if Apple wants zero tax, as well as tax incentives, it should move its production line from China to the US, as well as build new factories in the country.

Apple is caught in the middle of a trade war between the US and China, in which the former will be adding tariffs on $267bn worth of Chinese goods.

Apple, which produces its gadgets in China, will be subject to these tariffs, as well. A range of its products, from the Watch to Beats headphones and HomePod smart speakers, all would be affected.

Trump tweeted that: “Apple prices may increase because of the massive Tariffs we may be imposing on China – but there is an easy solution where there would be ZERO tax, and indeed a tax incentive. Make your products in the United States instead of China. Start building new plants now.”

Apple has weighted in on the whole ordeal, saying the tariffs will do US little good.

“The burden of the proposed tariffs will fall much more heavily on the United States than on China,” Apple said in its letter.

The US and China have been engaged in a trade war for quite some time now, with ZTE taking most of the punches.

Image Credit: Pio3 / Shutterstock