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Trump says he doesn't want to do business with Huawei

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American president Donald Trump said once again that he doesn’t want his country doing business with the Chinese telecoms giant Huawei. 

In a statement given to reporters over the weekend, Trump reiterated his stance that Huawei is a potential threat to national security, something the Chinese company vigorously denies (opens in new tab).

“At this moment it looks much more like we’re not going to do business,” he said. “I don’t want to do business at all because it is a national security threat and I really believe that the media has covered it a little bit differently than that.”

President Trump has recently placed Huawei on a black list of sorts, banning all US companies from doing business with it. As a result, many important partners, such as Google (opens in new tab), were forced to cut ties with the Chinese smartphone maker. 

Since then, the ban was eased, and US companies were allowed to sell their gear to Huawei - but not buy from it. This license has almost expired, and it seems as it could soon be renewed.

If that happens (and it should happen today), the license would be renewed for 90 days.

Trump added that some parts of Huawei’s business could be excluded from the ban, but added that it would make things quite complicated. 

A few months ago, US officials started warning its telecoms service providers, but its allies as well, that the Chinese government could eavesdrop on their conversation through Huawei’s 5G gear (opens in new tab), and urged everyone not to build their 5G infrastructure through Huawei.

The Chinese company denied the accusations, saying its government never requested such a thing, nor would it comply if it would. 

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