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Trump wants Apple to help build US 5G

(Image credit: Supparsorn / Shutterstock)

Earlier this week, American president Donald Trump asked Apple boss Tim Cook to help build the nation’s 5G infrastructure. The two met on Wednesday, during the president’s visit to Apple’s Texas campus, currently under construction.

Following the meeting, Donald Trump took to Twitter to share the news, saying Apple has everything it needs to make 5G in the States a reality. “They have it all - Money, Technology, Vision & Cook!” Trump tweeted, without going into details.

Apple, who as far as we know, hasn’t made any 5G infrastructure investments yet, is yet to respond to the news.

Donald Trump administration is arguing that Huawei, one of the world’s biggest 5G builders, should not build the 5G infrastructure in the US because they’re a threat to national security. The administration argues that the Chinese government could compel the telecoms company to create backdoors and thus enable it to spy on its western adversaries.

Huawei has since been put on a blacklist in the US and has had its operations in the West diminished. American companies are not allowed to buy goods and services from Huawei, and whatever they’re planning to sell across the pond – needs to be verified by the US government first.

The Chinese telecommunications giant is denying all accusations, saying they’re baseless, and inviting independent, third parties to analyse its source code and technology.

The entire story is a part of a wider trade war between the US and China, that’s been raging for months now.


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